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I just did a huge purge of folks who either didn't respond or responded in the negatory about the whole still-reading-me/wanting-to-be-here thing. If you didn't respond and youse still wanna be around, you know the drill.


ETA: You dunnae have to be my Elljay friend to fill it out. Woot!

Self-identified fatties only. I mean, if someone else identified you as a fattie, that's fine too. Just no "fluffies" or whatever. I hate that shit.

Results private, o' course. Looking for the SNAIL MAIL address, lovelies. Sorry for not noting as much! Comments are now screened if folks would like to add their snail mail address post-polling :)

Poll #1398178 OMFG FATTIES.

So, uh, what's your addy?

I'm gonna send you some good shit. That okay?

And also because a good chunk of my friends aren't friends of onceupon, from whom (who?) I stole this meme/thing:

Let's play a little game. Well, not a game. A meme. But it's so much more FUN when we call it a game.

You comment here. I pay you a compliment.

The first rule is that you don't talk about Fight Club must accept the compliment. No trying to wiggle out of it.

The second rule is really more of a suggestion: If you see someone you know in the comments, it'd be awfully nice if you paid them a compliment, too. This is optional, of course. But it would be nice.

Okay, so there aren't a lot of rules here.

J. Biden vs. NO-bama!!!

Funny story: we were playing on the regular license when Sarah joined the race. To be precise, it was Sarah Palin, Repub. VP nominee - the eyes, the bun, and you could almost hear the dropped -g's on the ends of her verbs. It was annoyin'.

Anyhow, as soon as she left the race, we made J. Biden and jumped back in, and within a few races we met this classy fella - "NO-bama!!!" - and promptly showed him what's what. I'm gonna call the outcome here - Obama (us) vs. McCain - prophetic of the overall election.

(knock wood)
Poll #975762 Potterthon 2007

Arright, Potterthon - the HP themed group Blogathon blog - is on. Are ye in or are ye out?

In, but only if ye stop using ye olde speake!

Fair enough! I am making a Potterthon filter. Do you want

In on the filter.
Out of the filter.
Surprise me!

And lastly, does my tushie look

Fabulous in these jeans.
No really, fabulous in these jeans!
Quite nice in these jeans.

And lastly, potterthon.org AND .com are totally available, but I am totally broke. And totally okay with going with potterthon.seeworthy.org or something. Alas! Alack! Hurray!


Okay, wait for it... The awesomeness is coming... Wait for it...

Does anyone wanna group blog with me for Blogathon? Because I? Am totally, alas, not going to be able to blog alone, and I don't know if I'll even be able to hold up my end of half-a-blog with Colleen. But a group blog? Would be awesome. Especially?

If the theme were Harry Potter.

Think about the perfectness. The last book will be out. The most recent movie will be out. It could be a glorious smörgåsbord of HP. I know some of you loves the HP. I loves it too. We could talk about anything - fanfic, the movies, the books, the fan communities, podcasts, whatevs. It could be awesome. And amazing. And if you aren't up for it I'll totally attempt it myself and GO DOWN IN FLAMES YES I WILL but it'll still be amazing.

Thoughts? Anyone interested?